Top 3 Cheap Melbourne Hotels

Melbourne is one of the finest cities in the world when it comes to tourism and traveling. People  from around the globe visit and take accommodation in cheap hotels, Melbourne hosts  thousands of tourists every year therefore accommodation is one the main issue people find themselves entangled with as they have this wrong perspective that they have to pay thousands for the hotel rooms. There are various cheap hotels; Melbourne offers various types of low-priced hotels. This article is going to enlighten by providing necessary information about the cheap hotels in Melbourne. The list of the top 3 cheapest hotels in Melbourne goes like this à

Melbourne Short Stay Apartments

This hotel offers elegantly spacious rooms with excellent quality service. The prices of the rooms are very reasonable. The relaxing environment of the hotel and location at which hotel is located makes the visitors sink in the true beauty of the city.

Barkly Apartments Melbourne

Hotel offers solicitous hospitality and it is a perfect choice for the business related stay or for travelers or tourists. Hotel is located in St Kilda, It is well known for its joyous cosmopolitan atmosphere and St Kilda Beach. Popular Melbourne Exhibition Centre is just a short drive away and well worth a visit, even the Art lovers can give visits to the National Gallery of Victoria.

 Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis Hotel consists of 232 modern rooms and with suites along with necessary facilities such as coffee maker, telephone, hair dryer, air conditioner, flat TV and mini bar plus billiards room. This hotel is near to some well known places of Sydney like IMAX and Sydney entertainment centers that can give you mind boggling experience.

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