Smarter Way to Enjoy Sony TV with Google Assistant

The pleasure of watching Television is going increase as Google has come up with one more smart technology. Yes, if your living room is equipped with a Sony TV then it’s going to be little smarter with this latest technology.

Google Assistant will be provided to Sony TV holders, but their television should be equipped with Android TV-powered 4K HDR sets. The technology is same like AI helper that a mobile phone has.

In short, with the help of a mobile, the whole system TV unit can be managed. One can check for the weather, can play music and videos and at the same time one can dim the lights while seeing a movie.

The only restriction this technology has is that the Assistant depends on the age and model of the TV. The 2017 manufactured 4K HDR sets can very well support the Google Assistant while in the case of 2016 models, it is still a great confusion.

As per the sources, all 2016 models need Z9D, X800D, X750D or X700D in order to utilise the Google Assistant app, but still there is no such confirmation on the above.

As it is a new application and there is still a lot to explore on the same, it is risky to install on a mobile as of now.

It is believed that very soon Google will come up with all the solutions irrespective of any model to utilise the Google Assistant without touching a button. Technology is the only medium to stay forward in life, hence we all should enjoy a smarter way of watching television.

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