Role of Vocational Education in National Development

Primitively, vocational education was all about parental guidance at home. With the passage of time, situation demanded skilled and semi skilled manpower in the society so as to drive prosperity and income for livelihood. Eventually keeping the demand in picture, various trade schools were established in numerous European nations to offer skill based training to people.

Vocational education was introduced to 11th and 12th standard students and the curriculum of training was so designed that it helped in bridging the gap between skilled manpower and the industry. All the real world implementations were converted into course materials. Every training is vocation specific related to any occupation or trade. It also encouraged the hidden talents to carve their career in the field of their self key interests. The vocational education is an affixed time internship program to uplift the industry required skills in the candidates. Eventually, the importance of skilled manpower was understood and in the course of industrialization and urbanization numerous institutions evolved to offer such education. Today, the fact is that the candidate who is not equipped with any extraordinary skills is not wanted by any employer. As a result, customized vocational courses are added in the high school syllabus.

Recently, numerous people were attracted to take such productive trainings in many fields like accounting and computers. Microsoft Excel classes are the examples of vocational trainings defined so as to make a candidate expert in data management and accounting, which is the most wanted skill in this high tech era. The swift technology mobilization has demanded instant conversion in every field and it is only possible by introducing vocational training and education in the system; ultimately it enhances the job profiles with high standard professional skill leading to national skill development.

Emphasizing on practical industry skill in place of theoretical academic subjects is the aim of the global campaign related to national skill development programs across the nation. Today, a boom of its online version is quite popular. The online platforms are reasonable and credible enough in terms of knowledge transfer. The certificates issued upon the completion of the vocational education are relevant to showcase your skills perfectly.

Now, it purely depends on your interest to choose the vocational course. It’s important to understand and identify your key interests that suit the training.

Immense doors to vibrant careers open after the completion of such vocational education. Online vocational education is also ideal for professional people who can’t spare much time. Here, they can choose their own timings as per their availability so as to upgrade their industrial skills.

Vocational training from reputed institutions may fetch you well paid job with many opportunities. In today’s scenario, just general graduation is not enough and most of the candidates join any firm just after their colleges, so they don’t get much time to afford any vocational level education. Therefore, now most of the companies are providing higher level certification courses for their employee so that they can add their knowledge to the productivity of their organization.

Hope that after reading the article all aspirants will be conscious about the importance of vocational education in their career and enabled to take wise decision in choosing the exact vocational education as per their key skills and interest so as to enhance their career along with overall national development in terms of education and economy.

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