New Windows 8 or Windows 7

You might have read news about Windows 8 from various sources. Microsoft has confirmed that the hotly-anticipated and most awaited Windows 8 operating system will get released in October this year.

You can expect desktops and laptops with Windows 8 running on them in the month of November or December. Now the new question that arises is- ‘Should business firms and companies wait for Windows 8 or continue with Windows 7? The answer to this query depends on your requirements. Let’s start discussing 2 key considerations: upgrading current OS to Windows 8 and expecting new hardware along with Windows 8.

Upgrading Options

Microsoft has announced that users purchasing Windows 7 machines from June 2nd 2012 to Jan 31st, 2013 are eligible for the ‘upgrade offer’. They can upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8 for just US$17.99. There will be few hassles in reinstalling the new OS, but people who have to purchase a new computer in the next few months will not be worse off.

In addition, Microsoft is also feeling the heat after the tightened integration between Apple’s OS X and iOS. By taking a leaf from strongest competitor, the company has stated that Windows OS, which includes Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7, are eligible for upgrading to Windows 8 for just USD 39.99. Windows Media Center is also included in the upgrade cost.

New Hardware with New OS

Affordability will become bigger concern in the process of upgrading to the new Windows 8. The concern is not only related to cost, but it also applies to the selection of hardware.

Though manufacturers have released new laptops and ultra books following the Ivy Bridge microprocessors release, practically all the processors come without Thunderbolt interface.

So it is up to you to buy a new Windows 7 PC or to wait for Windows 8 arrival.

Likewise, computer manufacturers are expected to come with touch-screen. New Windows 8 has a built-in touch support option. It is not a concern to a desktop PC; it can be upgraded very easily.

However, laptop or notebook purchasers have to be cautious while purchasing the systems if they want to choose between touch screen and Thunderbolt in future, particularly if they are power users who need much faster interfaces.

On the other hand, the release of new Windows 8 will actually have an indirect impact on the older PCs and laptops business. It is good news that firms or businesses that do not require latest and fastest computers can expect promotions or price reductions in near future.

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