Intel Enters in Car Entertainment with Warner Bros

Intel is known for hustling in all kinds of market. Recently, the company has planned to try their hand in the car entertainment industry with Warner Bros.

One of the nation’s prominent technology companies announced the deal with the Hollywood Studio on Wednesday. They said that they are going to jointly figure out how to keep people entertained while driving.

Intel has become a major player in self-driving technology after the acquisition of automotive sensor maker company Mobileye this year and this time the company will partner with Warner Bros. Here, their dream is to convert a self-driving car into an experimental entertainment pod. This announcement by the company was made at the Los Angeles Auto Show. According to the company’s CEO, it’s a huge untapped market and there is a chance that they can make a huge impact here if everything goes as expected.

Self-driving cars will no longer require the drivers to drive or pay attention to the roads instead, they can enjoy the moment and watch movies or TV. The windows of the car can become screens for augmented reality. The company has been thinking of making the car a mobile billboard itself.

“We’re building the partnership with Warner Bros to bring those experiences to life,” Krzanich said in an interview.

With augmented reality, the interiors of the car could be made to look like Batmobile, said Thomas Gewecke, CDO for Warner Bros.

Still, there are speculations around the world as to how things are going to turn out for the company and self-driving car lovers. If this technology is a success, then it can surely revolutionize the way of transportation around the world.

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