6 Things to Do in New Zealand for an Adventurous Holiday Experience

New Zealand inevitably adds adventure to your life. Its magnificent landscapes and outstanding coastlines give innumerable options for sailing, cycling, diving, rafting, skydiving, kayaking, jet boating, and many other adventurous experiences. Book a stay in New Zealand for at least a week to enjoy all the amazing adventurous activities. The adventure options in New Zealand are infinite; however, we are sharing the top six things that you can do here for the most adventurous holiday experience:

OGO or Zorb

You will find this unique activity only in some places of the world and New Zealand is the topmost place where you can enjoy this adventure by rolling down a hill while you are inside a big ball. OGO Rotorua is a famous rolling park in New Zealand. You can’t afford to miss it at all; this iconic activity of rolling in a plastic ball is a must-try.


Wanaka, Lake Taupo, Bay of Plenty, Queenstown, Auckland and Napier New Zealand are famous locations to experience the best skydiving options. There is no need to tell how much fun you may have after skydiving as this heart-stopping adventure is ineffable. Just experience this delight for a memorable venture.


This awe-inspiring and heart-stirring activity is above everything. Bungy adds unending joy and spellbinding view that you can see after jumping. Nevis, the highest point of New Zealand, Kawarau Bungy site, Taupo Bungy and Auckland Harbour Bridge are some of the best Bungy sites here that offer a great adrenaline rush.

Jet Boating

Jet boating in New Zealand is famous worldwide. No matter how old you are, this activity will certainly win your heart. Buckle up yourself and enjoy the ravishing journey with jet boating. The Huka Falls of Lake Taupo is extremely popular for its spectacular view and Jet Boating. Feel the joy and enjoy this adventure.


The fun in sliding down rocks, jumping, leaping off waterfalls, climbing, and scrambling will leave you thunderstruck. The best places to enjoy this activity in New Zealand are Nelson, Wanaka, Auckland, Canterbury, and Coromandel. These places are encircled by mountains, which ultimately make it a must-visit and must-do activity. Canyoning simply tops the list amidst the wildest adventures.


Rafting can’t be overlooked. Your adventurous holiday would be incomplete without rafting. New Zealand has been blessed with the highest waterfall in Rotorua. The Lake Taupo’s Tongariro River, Queenstown, and West Coast are most popular spots for rafting in this country.

Adventure lovers will never get disappointed after reaching New Zealand as it has various things to offer. So, plan your trip and don’t forget to do these six adventurous activities there.

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